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The best 15 steps to get rid of the bad smell of carpets


The best 15 steps to get rid of the bad smell of carpets



Sometimes it happens for some reason that the carpets have an bad smell, and despite the clean form, the unpleasant smell of carpets is evident
excessive and frequent washing of carpets is not one of the things we recommend for not affect its shape, texture, and colors

the solution is to try to fix a problem Unpleasant odors without actually washing the carpet
there are many tricks that can leave an excellent and effective result, here are the ways


How to get rid of unpleasant odors from carpets

Carpet cleaning with baking soda
Mix a generous amount of baking soda into the mat, with a quantity of salt, cornstarch, and a few drops of any available essential oil.
Sprinkle the mixture liberally on the carpet, leave it overnight and do not use the carpet during this period, and it is preferable to close the room on it.
The next day, vacuum up the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the carpet with ammonia

Mix a cup of ammonia with 2 liters of hot water and rub it on the surface of the carpet with a towel or brush, then open the window until the carpet is dry.

Use a carpet cleaner

Mix a quantity of shampoo for carpets “of those that do not need rinse, available in the supermarket” with white vinegar and water “according to the instructions for use”, rub well on the carpet and allow to dry.

Carpet cleaning and fragrant

To clean the carpet, mix one cup of vinegar with each of “a tablespoon of starch, a teaspoon of salt, drops of lavender” and “essential oil” and scrub the carpet well and then let it dry.

Sparkling water for cleaning carpets

Sparkling water without colors or flavors that you can use to clean the carpets, just spray it with a spray bottle and leave it for 10 minutes on the carpets.
Dry the carpet with a dry towel or expose to ventilation and sunlight to dry.

Important tips when cleaning carpets

Carpets that are subject to heavy wear, such as apartment entrance carpets or live rugs, should be vacuumed daily with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
Do not wash the carpet excessively so as not to damage it and change its shape.
When dry cleaning carpets at home, do not use harsh cloths or hard brushes, as this will damage the pile of the carpet.
When a stain appears on the carpet, remove it as soon as it appears and look at it, and do not let it dry.

The carpet should not be exposed to moisture, and if any liquid is spilled on it or the hair gets wet, it should be thoroughly dried and well ventilated to dry.

In the event that the rug is exposed to the sun, the back should face the sun so that the heat of the sun does not cause damage to the hair and discoloration of the colors.

After cleaning the carpet with some liquid or wetting it, it should be allowed to dry completely and not use while it is wet so that the smell of mold does not appear.

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