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Important 6 Tips To Design The Bathroom


Important 6 Tips To Design The Bathroom

Important 6 Tips To Design The Bathroom

The sizes of the bathrooms range from small to large, and this depends on the size of the house, and when the dwelling is a villa or a palace and I like the dweller to add a private bathroom for each room, these bathrooms may be small as well ..

Here the challenge begins to put all the toiletries in this place and arrange them in a comfortable way While ensuring a comfortable space for individual movement.            We offer you some simple ideas and tricks that will help you win this challenge, and put everything you need in this narrow place without feeling uncomfortable and to come out with a sense of relaxation and vigor. Initially,

it is preferable for the bathroom to be next to the bedrooms for frequent use and to maintain privacy as well. Also, unnecessary items should be avoided, and the essentials and purposes that are used daily should be avoided and distributed in an organized manner to suit the bathroom space

First, to find out the necessary furniture in bathrooms

1- Laundries

bathroom sink decorations with different designs and sizes, and the appropriate design and size must be chosen for the space available in the bathroom,

including what is :

With a long fixed base on the ground

This type can be placed in the corner so that it saves space and performs the required function completely

Sink basin is installed on a base

this base will be a cabinet in which we can store the needs of the bathroom inside and it is preferable to place it installed on the wall without a base touching the floor

Wall-Mounted Sinks Without Base

It is a modern idea with an elegant look

2- The Mirror

The bathroom mirror is one of the necessary pieces, and it can be a mirror only without any additions, or it includes a cabinet in which some personal items are placed. The mirror can be surrounded by an elegant frame suitable for the bathroom set in general.


And there must be an electrical extension over the sink when you want to put a mirror with lighting over the sinks, and it can be simple without lighting according to the desire and taste of the user. Take care to choose a suitable and appropriate location for the mirror, as it should not be behind the toilet, for example. In addition to taking into account the choice of the appropriate location for the toilet, which is better not to be in the location of the door view

3- Bathtub and shower

The bathtub has many types and shapes, the most famous of which are the jacuzzi.


Or that he takes the corner of the bathroom to take advantage of the other corner, and this depends on the display area in it, and it includes a shower inside it, thus the individual is blessed with the luxury of the bathtub without narrowing that space that he needs for other purposes.


To add more charm to the bathtub, it can be enclosed by barriers with a zip door or open with handles, and it is made of glass or often from acrylic and is better in terms of safety because it is unbreakable. As desired.


You can also dispense with the bathtub permanently and use only the shower, which in turn takes up a smaller space.

As for the colors

The colors used have a role in showing the bathrooms in an elegant and simple way, and some of the options that can change according to the taste of the individual: •

The bathroom that combines the colors blue and beige, which approaches the color of natural wood, is characterized by minimal simplicity and attractive appearance.

• The use of beige color in the bathrooms gives him delicacy and elegance, when used in the decorations of the bathrooms mixed with attractive brown in the colors of the walls and carpets while the tub and bathtub are white.


Among the colors that distinguish the bathroom and make it brighter and more vibrant; red and calm orange, where orange can be used in the walls and mirrors .


while red is used in the movable decor and the closet, so that the sink and bathtub are white and the bottom wall is also made of plain white ceramics.


Interior designers consider that floor and wall decorations are one of the most important decorations that can be characterized by a different character, as touches can be added from different countries of the world, especially when selecting forms and types of ceramics, and the most distinguished forms of ceramics with Spanish touches are

The beige ceramic is light in color, as the ceramic pieces are medium-sized and cushioned without any pattern and the wall and the bathtub are in the same type with different shades of brown, and the brown floor is characterized by larger squares.

The rectangular pieces of ceramics, where they are dominated by the white color with some other colors of brown, black and oil, while the floors consist of plain ceramic boxes in light brown. Small ceramic pieces, where they are characterized by high-end modernity and distinctive decorations, as they are lampshades covered with small ceramic pieces inside and outside in the lightest shades of hazel color.

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