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6 important rules to designing a baby bath


6 important rules to designing a baby bath

Designing a baby bath

We mentioned previously that a child has the right to use the entire home, and we must take into account the presence of children while designing any space in the home. Today we talked about a children’s bath or a shared bathroom How do we make it a friend of the child during use?

Child friendly bath design standards

  • Storage

There is no easier chaos in the lives of children, so we must help them to arrange by providing the basic for arrangement and they must apply, so providing basic places for every purpose inside the bathroom helps to arrange the vacuum by knowing its location and easy access to it.

  • Towels

 Towels should be within their reach, either under a hand wash basin or in a side storage basket at a height that suits them.

Another shower item, for example, is why we do not put it in a designated corner for easy use and return when finished using it.

  • Sink design

If the bathroom is shared with both of you or your children of all ages, then taking into account the height of the sink will be an imperative to facilitate the smooth use of it by everyone.

You may use a wheelchair or a staircase under the sink for the child to climb.


And if you do not have enough space, you may want to resort to other solutions, such as using a sink that has drawers below and make a solid drawer for use, for example.

If you suffer from a delay in the morning while the children are preparing to leave the house, why not provide two washbasins inside the children’s bath or a two-tap washbasin, so you can reduce the time needed to prepare.

  • Suspension units

If the bathroom is shared, more towel hangers are a must! Thus, every child will have a place to hang their towels and there is no reason to leave towels on the bathroom floor.

  • bathtub

Recently, spaces inside the wall appeared for storage at the bathtub, usually at eye height for an adult.


If you are in the process of designing a bathroom, there is no harm in adding some of these spaces at the height of the children’s eye to store the shower gel or on the side to put some shower toys, for example.


If the bathing vacuum for both of you is a “shower”, adding a part for sitting built with the shower is a favorable matter that makes it easy for you to bathe the child while he is small and provides space for playing during the shower, and it is also useful even for adults!

  • Colors and design of walls

The bathroom design does not need to be full of bright colors. You may just have to put the bathroom wallpaper on one of the walls or on a corner of the place.


Your choice of colors can be through tools or furniture in the bathroom, a colored water tap for the bathtub, a distinctive color sink, or bathroom-related accessories such as a curtain of a distinct color for example.


If you want to design the bathroom so that it continues with the child during his development, neutral colors are the best, a white bathroom is always the best.

When we are young, we put some colorful accessories for a childish and teenage character, we return to neutral colors with accessories that reflect the teenager’s personality.

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