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4 tricks that help make the bathroom look bigger


4 tricks that help make the bathroom look bigger

4 tricks that help make the bathroom look bigger

The sizes of the bathrooms range from small to large, and this depends on the size of the house. While ensuring a comfortable space for individual movement. We offer you some simple ideas and tricks that will help you win this challenge, and put everything you need in this narrow place without feeling uncomfortable and to come out as relaxed and active.


 1-  When placing large mirrors on the wall, the space becomes larger, wider and more comfortable than the rest of the spaces. Therefore, placing a large mirror on the wall of the sink or a mirror along the wall in a place will be very good. 


2-  The use of large patterns for curtains and ceramics gives a feeling to the user that the space is greater than the truth, and the use of light wall colors also gives the same effect, which are simple things but they have an effect on the decoration. 

rectangular wash

3-  The use of rectangular wash basins saves a lot of space, and the use of those installed on cabinets is better as it provides a storage for bathroom purposes as well and thus we obtain dual-use washbasins. 


4-  Small shelves can be used on empty wall areas to store towels, cotton and other necessities instead of using storage that takes the entire wall and wastes space in vain.