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Clever Makeup Storage Solutions for Compact Spaces

Clever Makeup Storage Solutions for Compact Spaces

Makeup Storage For Small Spaces : Makeup enthusiasts often find themselves facing a common challenge: how to store and organize their growing collection of cosmetics and beauty products when space is limited. Small bathrooms, vanities, or apartments can make it tricky to keep makeup accessible, visible, and neatly arranged. However, with some creative thinking and the right makeup storage solutions, you can turn even the tiniest nooks and crannies into efficient and aesthetically pleasing makeup storage areas. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of makeup storage ideas that are perfect for small spaces.

1.Floating Shelves:

One of the most versatile and stylish makeup storage solutions for small spaces is the installation of floating shelves. These shelves take up minimal space but offer ample room for makeup storage. You can customize their size and placement to suit your available wall space. Display your favorite products, brushes, and perfumes on these shelves, creating an attractive and accessible makeup display.

2.Clear Acrylic Organizers:

Clear acrylic organizers have become increasingly popular for makeup storage due to their transparency, which makes it easy to see and access your products. Acrylic organizers come in various shapes and sizes, from compact drawers to larger cases with multiple compartments. Place these on your vanity or bathroom counter to keep your cosmetics neatly arranged.

3.Magnetic Makeup Boards:

Magnetic makeup boards are a creative and space-saving way to store your makeup. You can purchase magnetic boards or DIY your own by affixing a sheet of metal to a wall and then attaching magnetic containers or strips to hold your makeup items. This not only frees up counter space but also adds a unique, decorative touch to your space.

4.Drawer Dividers:

If you have drawers in your bathroom or vanity, invest in drawer dividers to separate and organize your makeup. You can find various sizes and styles to suit your needs. These dividers help prevent clutter and ensure each product has its designated space.

5.Hanging Door Organizer:

Maximize vertical space by using a hanging door organizer. These organizers have pockets that are perfect for storing brushes, palettes, and smaller makeup items. Hang one on the back of your bathroom or closet door to keep your makeup easily accessible without taking up precious counter space.

6.Rotating Makeup Organizers:

Rotating makeup organizers, often referred to as “lazy Susans,” are an efficient way to store makeup in small spaces. These spinning organizers come in various sizes and have compartments for different products. They make it easy to access all your makeup without having to dig through a cluttered drawer or shelf.

7.Stackable Drawers:

Stackable drawers or bins are an ideal solution for small spaces because they allow you to utilize vertical storage. Stack drawers on top of each other to create a tower of makeup storage, and label each drawer to make finding your products even easier.

8.Makeup Carts:

A rolling makeup cart with drawers is perfect for small spaces because it can be easily moved around as needed. You can place it in your bathroom or bedroom, and it provides ample storage for makeup and tools. When you’re done using it, simply roll it away to save space.

10.Travel Makeup Bags:

For those with a makeup collection that is always on the go, travel makeup bags can be a lifesaver. These compact, portable bags come with various compartments and pouches for organizing your makeup essentials. They’re perfect for storing makeup in small spaces when you need to move it around.

11.Cabinet Door Storage:

Use the inside of cabinet doors for storage. You can attach hooks, magnetic strips, or small shelves to the inside of your bathroom or vanity cabinet doors to keep your makeup hidden but easily accessible.

12.Custom-Made Furniture:

In some cases, you may need to invest in custom-made furniture that is designed to fit your specific space and needs. Custom vanities, shelves, or storage units can maximize your available space and create a functional and stylish makeup storage solution.


small spaces should not limit your ability to organize and display your makeup collection. There are numerous creative and practical makeup storage ideas that can help you make the most of your space. Whether you choose floating shelves, acrylic organizers, magnetic boards, or any of the other options mentioned here, a well-organized makeup storage system not only keeps your space clutter-free but also adds an element of style to your home. So, get creative and start organizing your makeup in a way that suits your needs and complements your space.

Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions related to makeup storage in small spaces, along with their answers:

  • You can maximize your small space by utilizing vertical storage options like floating shelves, magnetic boards, and door organizers. Also, consider decluttering and only keeping products you use regularly.

  • Yes, there are budget-friendly options like DIY pegboard walls, drawer dividers, and clear acrylic organizers that won’t break the bank. Many of these solutions can be customized to fit your space and style.

  • To prevent makeup from collecting dust or dirt, consider using clear acrylic organizers or storage with lids. These options protect your products while keeping them visible and accessible.

  • Use tall, narrow containers or cups to keep your makeup brushes upright and organized. You can also employ drawer dividers or wall-mounted holders specifically designed for brushes.

  • It depends on your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. Open storage, like floating shelves or acrylic organizers, offers easy access and a decorative display. Hidden storage, such as in drawers or behind cabinet doors, keeps your space looking clean and uncluttered.

  • Consider using a rolling makeup cart that can be easily moved when needed. Also, make use of the inside of cabinet doors for storage, and select multifunctional furniture or custom-made storage solutions tailored to your apartment’s layout.

  • Choose storage options that match your room’s color scheme or style. Options like floating shelves, pegboard walls, and clear acrylic organizers can be customized and painted to match your decor.

  • Regularly declutter your makeup collection by discarding expired products and items you no longer use. This not only frees up space but also ensures that you’re using safe and effective cosmetics.

  • Yes, many of these ideas can be adapted for shared spaces. Clear storage containers, labeled drawers, and hanging door organizers make it easy for multiple people to access their cosmetics in a shared bathroom or living area.

  • Use containers with secure lids or compartments, especially for liquid products. Additionally, store products upright whenever possible, and avoid overfilling containers to minimize the risk of spills.

By implementing these makeup storage ideas and following best practices, you can efficiently organize your cosmetics in small spaces while keeping them accessible, clean, and well-maintained.

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