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Choose the right color in home11 professional ways


Choose the right color in home11 professional ways

Choose the right color in home

Who of us didn’t feel puzzled when starting to furnish or change his house, project or any other space that I want to design?

One of the most interesting questions is what colors will we choose?  How will we choose these colors? 

How are they coordinated? And many other question marks about the choice of colors that have given rise to a design obstacle,
If you are faced with this confusion, don’t get away with us, as we will now offer several tips from different internal designers in choosing colors and how they are consistent ..

1-Start by selecting colors from the largest in-room area

The walls are usually this space, with neutral walls to suit all style  furniture it is recommended to pick up white colors and beige tones and then pick up the desired pieces of furniture, but if you want colorful walls, follow the following advice ..

2- Start by choosing colors from furniture and Accessories

Unlike the previous advice to choose colors from the largest area, this method makes it easier for us to choose colored walls away from traditional neutral colors.

For example, if you have ornate furniture, pick a color from the decoration and painting of the walls, and not all the walls are colored in the same color, especially if the color is strong enough to be just one wall, while reducing the color strength in the other walls.

3- Gradient from dark to lightest vertically

This method is considered easy and safe to gain a beautiful appearance without any risk, and depends on the floor being dark and then we go up vertically to the walls and furniture, so they contain the midtones, then to the ceilings where they are the lightest color,
The reference in this method to nature is where the dark color tones are often characterized by the earth, then if we rise to trees, buildings, etc., they are of medium color, then finally the sky is the lightest. Too little if used to choose and inspire colors We will see them in the following advice …

4- Take inspiration from nature

Nature contains many colors and colors around us that are compatible with each other in a way that no one can deny so . All kinds of fruits and minerals, and the list goes on with various options that suit everyone’s needs. Only what is required is meditation and the appropriate choice ..

5- Start with the most formal areas of the home

Like the living rooms (the hall and the council), dining rooms and the entrance, choose the shades of these areas first, then use a color from these shades and gradient with it between them and also to get harmony in the rest of the areas such as bedrooms and office ..

6- Use of the color wheel

11 a professional way to choose the right color format in your interior


The color wheel contains color patterns that clarify the different relationships between different colors and facilitate the choice of colors based on these groups. These color patterns correspond to the different functions of the spaces, and from these groups ,choose a monochrome group and its graduation from the light tones of the same color to the adjacent colors Contrasting colors and many others ..

7- Get inspired by your clothes

11 a professional way to choose the right color format in your interior


The majority also chooses clothes in colors that they feel comfortable with and look prettier in, also your room wears them with colors that suit you and your personality, for example if “denim” or “jeans” as most people call it is your favorite, try placing a sofa in marine blue, or if you appear and feel yellow The bright, energetic Place a little touch of it through the pillow and accessories  .

This was advice from interior designer Kendall Wilkinson ..

8- Return to black

11 a professional way to choose the right color format in your interior


In this advice, the reasons are that lions highlight the rest of the colors in the space as the designer said: Mark McCauley as a quick sign, try to put black by throwing light shades or by a black masterpiece.for a bigger effect, try, for example, inserting or surfaces the kitchen in black.

9 – Use grays

11 a professional way to choose the right color format in your interior

Gray is considered a color with a trump card because it is more like a neutral color that is compatible with all styles. Styles. The interior design. Different shades, whether pastel shades, bright colors, or whatever shades are desired.

10- Traditional Natural ” Earth colors ”

These colors may be the most favorite and comfortable for all, and this is natural due to the quiet tones and controlling effect from simplicity to luxury, natural colors are an ideal background for the living room with the addition of accessories in soft or bright tones for a different look .

11- Use Rule 60-30-30

When you start choosing colors for an area, divide the colors into 3 sections:
The first section: 60% and it is for the largest or dominant spaces in a room, such as: the walls, the second section: 30% for the secondary spaces, i.e. that comes in the second place of the space and its appearance in the room, such as: furniture
The third section: 10% of the added touches to add the desired effect in the space, such as: accessories.
By using this rule, we ensure that the balance of colors is attractive, free from monotony and boredom in the design, as stated by designer Mark McCauley.


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