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Beautiful Christmas tree for country house

Beautiful Christmas tree for country house


Beautiful Christmas tree for country house


A New Year’s tale begins with a Christmas tree. Refined, beautiful and brilliant, she will become the main heroine of the Christmas holiday, plunge into the thematic atmosphere of the magical world where Santa Claus rules and small, colorful animals live.


Decorating a Christmas tree in a country house, made by professional decorators, was carried out with toys. We will tell you how he managed to bring to life one of the most beautiful creations.


Decorating a Christmas tree with toys

The forest dwellers seemed to be in a round dance, decorating the New Year tree, decorated in light colors. Fluffy squirrels, dressed in colorful vests and cute caps with a pleasant edge, sat on coniferous branches for a forest collection. Forest birds with tails of swan feathers are in perfect harmony with them, emphasizing the tenderness of the decor. Interesting accents are golden butterflies that flutter among the green branches of a coniferous beauty, and unusual flowers blooming in different places of the tree emphasize its unusualness.

Do not look away from the figures placed in glass flasks. They tell their stories about Christmas. If you look at them for a long time, it seems that the eternal secret of being is about to be revealed.


The decor is successfully diluted with gold tinsel with sparkles, which was used as a tip. It falls from the top with sparkling fireworks, resembling real shooting stars.

Such a tree has become a great addition to the overall interior of the holiday. But not many people know her main secrets:

Each toy is a handmade product.

Only natural and expensive materials were used in the creation of jewelry.

This Christmas tree decor is unique and unrepeatable in each case.

Having received for the exclusive decoration of the New Year tree, decorators assemble a set based on individual preferences .


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