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Trendy colors of the christmas decoration

Trendy colors of the christmas decoration


Trendy colors of the  Christmas decoration

Trendy colors of the christmas  ,The New Year’s collection consists of several lines with toys of neo-mint color. Among the fluffy spruce branches, piggy bank mice, mischievous mice and mice on a walk, as well as a toy clock made of polymer rubber will look beautiful. Together they will create a unique atmosphere at the New Year’s holiday and fill it with Christmas magic, which will surely be remembered by all participants in the celebration.

Classic combinations 

The decorators in 2020, who created the collection 2020, decided to pay tribute to the classics, considering it a win-win option for all time. So, red with gold and blue with silver – these are the main color combinations that should be chosen to decorate the upcoming celebration. Thanks to these colors, you can create a nostalgic feeling of a child’s celebration.


You can decorate with such toys not only the Christmas tree but everything around. For example, tinsel and rain can be beautifully placed on the walls, and traditional Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will help create fabulous compositions in the interior. With the right placement of toys and the Christmas tree, you can give the impression that the holiday is being prepared in a real house of Santa Claus.

Warm colors in decorating a Christmas tree
Warm shades of brown, coffee, caramel and dark pastels became another fashionable trend of the next year. You can combine them with both white and other colors, for example, muted fuchsia or pale pink.

These combinations can also be seen in the new 2020 collection. They painted handmade glass jewelry, pearl balls, rubber toys and New Year’s piggy banks.

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