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welcome fall 2021

Welcome fall with elegant touches & Special


Welcome fall with elegant touches & Special


Simple changes to renovate your home decor To welcome fall 

With the approach of autumn, we can say goodbye to the bright and cold colors that dominated the summer decoration, to welcome the warm earth colors that suggest warmth and intimacy that every housewife can apply to feel that the atmosphere of the house is has become more aesthetic. , distinguished and sophisticated.

interior decoration experts explains that renovating the decoration of the house brings many ideas that allow you to choose what suits different tastes; So that this season does not pass without feeling it, and to find harmony in the warm autumn atmosphere.


Autumnal decoration par excellence

Here are some important tips for choosing colors and coordinating them with accessories. For more sense of the autumnal atmosphere; A medium-sized mirror with a leaf-shaped wood-colored frame can be placed and hung to complement the room’s decor.


The brown color, the color of the tree trunks, gives a feeling of the general atmosphere of autumn, and it can be chosen for one side of the bedroom with a light creamy beige for the rest of the room, and it is nice to have a floor of parquet in natural wood color, And for the background of the bed, you can make a dark brown wooden background.


The diffusion of autumn colors in all the rooms of the house is done by changing the colors of the pillows and small pieces of rugs


Warm colors

Yellow is one of the colors most associated with fall, and it has many shades. But when it is chosen as a decorative color; You should choose a matte gold color for the color of the walls, and choose the parquet floor in the color of light wood, in addition to choosing yellow for the curtains and lighting furniture Exquisite decoration full of warmth and elegance .


The color orange gives a nice and glamorous touch to the decoration in general, being able to be chosen in a light degree as a background color for one of the sides of the room with the introduction of light beige and brown with it for the colors. of the furniture, because the presence of the three together gives an elegant appearance; As they go very well with each other, choose brown for the pots and light beige for the rest of the accessories.



Choose frames in gold to match the rest of your fall home decor

golden frames

Swap photo frames and mirror frames so that their colors match the fall colors. Frames can be chosen in gold or earth tones to match the rest of the home decor.

Paintings that change the atmosphere of the house

On the wall of the main entrance of the house you can display some paintings or decorative pieces that represent the autumn time, which changes the general atmosphere of the house immediately, the autumn colors are coordinated between earthy, red, orange, gold and brown; It gives the place a warmth and a touch of romance, and the housewife has the freedom to choose between oil paintings that carry images of nature or paintings that are characterized by abstract art.

Fall decoration for dining table centerpiece

The decorator Kamoni points out that the dining table is also an essential focus of the autumn decoration of the house, whether the choice is classic or modern between the antiques or the main decorative pieces of that room; The use of red and yellow colors gives the desired visual effect, being able to use tablecloths and tablecloths with autumn touches in all its colors.

The lamps have a romantic effect.

swap cool blue lights for warm yellow ones; The color of the light has a great impact on the decoration and the atmosphere of the home. The lampshades can be chosen in warm earth tones.

In addition, the use of bright and shiny lighting units gives a wonderful glow to the place when the sun begins to set. In addition to paper lamps that are lit with candles and create an atmosphere of romance on the balcony.

Private corner around the fireplace


The private corner around the fireplace is the most awaited place to renew yourself with the arrival of autumn.

As for the private corner around the fireplace, it is the most awaited place to renew yourself with the arrival of autumn. It is possible to collect dried leaves from the garden or suitable dried flowers of fall colors and put them in transparent pots or vases in various corners around the place with the use of various shapes of colored candles.

Plants are one of the most important fall decorations.

The use of natural and climbing plants – as decoration on the external or internal balcony of the house – is a beautiful idea, in addition, dried corn stalks or dried plums in pots can be placed on the front door of the house.

Colorful covers and pillows

The shape of the light colored blankets should be coordinated on the sofas or in the bamboo baskets that are used in the living room, being able to renew the pillows or put special covers in autumnal colors such as purple red and gray, especially in the corner of reading, to give privacy to the place in the cold of autumn.

Autumn has a special aroma

It is good to use oils, incense, aromas of natural spices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and nutmeg.

Warm decorative blankets

Ready-made furniture covers can be used and are available at low cost to cover the furniture, and the colors of these covers are a mix of fiery, earthy and cold, and many of them carry various decorative shapes to suit all tastes, plus a few Autumn colors in every room of the house by changing the colors of the pillows, and small carpet pieces.

Thick curtains keep you warm

Attention should be paid to the fact that the curtains used in the house vary according to the seasons, so now is the time to remove the light and soft curtains and use thick fabrics such as velvet or any other fabric of various thicknesses and colors. to your taste. the autumnal atmosphere and to keep the room warm from the pangs of the cold, taking into account the consistency of the color of the curtain with the color of the decoration and furniture of the room.

Painting the walls with autumn colors

Decorating expert Kamoni suggests using modern fall hues to paint your home’s walls, such as yellow, orange, burgundy, and green. The facade wall color can be changed to a different color or some large roses and wallpaper can be painted.

It can also be used with autumn designs like tree leaves and plant branches on a wall just for a modern look.

Kamoni emphasizes that drastic changes should not be made to the décor of the entire house to coincide with a particular season, so that the housewife does not have to change it again in the next season.

And he advises to apply simple and inexpensive ways to renew the decoration, since it is much more important than changing the decoration completely, being careful not to make mistakes in the decoration of the home. In addition, staying away from boredom and negative environments in the house is very necessary, while giving a distinctive touch to the place.


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