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Gorgeous Interior design trends for 2020


Gorgeous Interior design trends for 2020


Trends change every year in interior design, and as always, we share our guide to what will be modern in 2020 for those who plan to design or renew their new home or perhaps just add some elements to your interior design to update its appearance.

Directions 2020 in home decor

Soft colors

Interior design trends for 2020

According to 2020 color trends, cool colors are booming this year, but this doesn’t mean you should use a completely neutral color scheme. By contrast, the common colors of the year’s hue are an ideal base for merging with bold, more saturated shapes when designing your home

 Classic Blue


 Classic Blue” is the color of 2020, so we see that classic style is another modern thing.

Elements of the classic style

Classic-style elements and furniture will be reflected in modern contrast in living room design more than others. In a contemporary villa, classic-style decor will keep your interior moist for years as classic style never ends.

Biophilic design

We expected that the design of the Biophilic would emerge last year, and in 2020 the trends of the Biophilic would take a stronger place. In the coming years, the elements of the Biophilic will become a necessary feature of each house.


Black and white bathrooms

The interior design trend of the bathroom in 2020 is more daring and more disjoinable. A beautiful blend of black and white makes the bathroom bright up with a mixture of brass and copper faucet

Use of the velvet

The use of velvet gives a luxurious feel to any interior design, and because of the variety of finishes that can be used in different styles from minimal to selective.

High quality touch-smooth luxury can be used in furniture, decor elements such as furniture, sophisticated carpets and even wall backgrounds in exuberant designs.

Vintage elements

Old home decor items find their way into most modern home designs as art pieces. Where antique furniture appears as part of the interior design in styles such as Bohemian, Shabby Chic and Classic.

Kitchen and islands

Kitchen islands are the newest trend to improve space due to the multitude of functions, as you can use them as a table space, a morning coffee table, or for a morning meal.

Curved furniture

Soft shapes and curved furniture with rounded corners make the space more comfortable and more attractive. In addition to more design, it is inspired by the interior design of the eighties.

Multifunctional spaces

The open plan interior design and architecture is another direction, where we see spaces seamlessly combined rather than strict separation. Not only in the design of a small house where the concept of multifunctionality is used to improve space, but also in the spacious villa to create a more interactive and social design. Combining a living room and dining area, or making a spacious kitchen is your dining area.

Transitional design

The transitional design will be fashionable due to its sophistication as the contemporary style is mixed with the timeless traditional look. Transitional design is not easy to achieve, but with the advice of your interior designer you will be able to implement favorite elements of every style.

Engraved finishes

Texture is one of the key elements of interior design. In 2020, elegant motifs will appear on the walls .

This is the ultimate list for the 2020 trend of kedra designers to get inspiration and help you design your dream home.

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