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Best 8 Tips to make the living room more spacious


How do I make the living room more spacious?

At times, the living room may feel narrow, visually and practically but there are some decorative solutions to overcome this problem.

Light colors

Light colors are your key to giving a sense, albeit false, of space, paint the walls in a light color, and you can paint only one side with a bright color, and introduce bright colors in the decoration touches and brushes (remember, dingy bright and not dark).

Medium-sized rug

Don’t use rugs for the entire area of the room, use a medium-sized rug in the middle of the room.

Give visual depth

You can use longitudinal headlights, or a group of spotlights on both sides of the room, to give visual depth.

Modern sofas

I use modern and appropriately sized sofas and stay away from large ones.

Space saving

 look for a design for the living room with cabinets under the seats and inside the tables .

There are many designs on the internet . They are all beautiful, practical and space saving designs.

Avoid complex designs

The TV, bring the LCD screens and hang them on the wall ,Or design a library with a suitable width that helps to highlight the space, and avoid complex designs.

Arranging furniture

Arranging furniture in a U-shape is more practical than arranging it in a square shape.

keep the room clean

Get rid of clutter and many useless antiques… and keep the room clean to always look your best.

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