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6 Tips for small spaces great interior design


 6 Tips for small spaces great interior design

6 Tips for small spaces great interior design

 Nowadays we are living in small houses that are completely different from the houses previously, they are cheaper and more practical than large houses that require effort and more time to take care of them, and in this life full of responsibilities and business comes the house with a small area to solve large crises, and the problem of interior design remains And choosing furniture that facilitates our lives is the biggest problem of all. Here are some tips in the interior design of these homes.

The entrance

It is the facade in which the guests know the general taste of the owners of the house, it gives the first impression of the owners ’personality and their taste and it is a reflection of the rest of the house and its elegance or vice versa, so it should be taken care of so that we highlight its beauty despite its small area, choosing light and bright colors and put a large mirror with a small table A comfortable chair and a small plant are all we need for a stylish yet simple design.

living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house as it includes many activities and meetings between family members and even their friends, so it must be comfortable and enjoyable and vibrant, choosing a multifunctional furniture will be an excellent idea, small sized sofas distributed throughout the room and a simple small table in the middle It will create space in the room and room for comfortable movement inside and not disturb those in it.

dining room


We must take advantage of every inch in this room, as it is a place where the residents of the house and their guests converge on one table and in one vacuum. Using the oval table is better than rectangular. The oval table gathers the largest number of people and facilitates movement around the room.

The kitchen

is one of the biggest problems of the lady of the house is the smallness of the kitchen space, because the small space leads to confusion in how to organize and arrange kitchen tools and appliances and also the amount of tools that are required to be dispensed with because of the small space, you must first determine the movement in the kitchen and determine the shape of the cabinets and the table, then determine the color, The use of white, cold, metallic and light colors reflects the light and magnifies the look of the kitchen.

The kitchen can be opened on the hall or the sitting room This adds movement and vitality in the house and works to add space, even fake to the kitchen, also can be combined living room, kitchen and dining room in one space.

The bedroom

is a useful idea in small bedrooms is the use of light colors comfortable to the eye, such as light gray, which is a practical color also combines with all colors of furniture and gives extra room and lighting in the room, and also since the bed is the largest piece of furniture used, the use of a small bed Helps create additional space in the room that can be used to put some accessories from a mirror and others useful in the room .

The toilet         

Narrowing the bathroom space leads to a loss in how to arrange it and choosing furniture for it, so it is necessary to prioritize the things in it and give away unnecessary things, for example small sized tools can be chosen from a toilet, washbasin and small bathtub, and the bathtub can be replaced with a shower because it occupies a smaller space than the bathtub and thus it is More practical.

The regular door to the bathroom can be dispensed with and replaced with a sliding door to save space, and elegant cabinets suitable for our small space must be used.

The use of large-size tiles for floors and the use of ceramic wall walls in light degrees and bathroom lighting are all very useful tricks in making the bathroom seem larger than it actually is.

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