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Simple 9 ideas for organizing a house


Simple 9 ideas for organizing a house


Simple 9 ideas for organizing a house

Simple 9 ideas for organizing a house :

It is true that there is nothing better than living in a clean house, but the task of organizing it and getting rid of the clutter is never an easy task, and mothers always postpone it until time and effort are available, however, it is not all that complicated and can be achieved through a tidy plan to organize the house with simple ideas, dividing big tasks into small ones, and across consecutive days and not the same day.

In this article we tell you how to do this easily and systematically.

Organizing the house with simple ideas.

here are a number of simple ideas that will help you arrange the House easily:

1-Household organizations

Apply more smart tricks to organize, such as using household organizations available in different sizes that have recently become widespread in the markets, you can use them to collect various scattered things in your home in an orderly manner, such as children’s toys, your husband’s sorbet, electrical appliance remotes or various keys that you own, and so on.

2-Store More

You can take advantage of the wasted space behind the doors of bathrooms and kitchens, by adding stylish stands behind them that will help you collect kitchen towels, dining table covers that are used daily, kitchen bibs and other towels, as well as for the bathroom door, you can hang cotton face towels and bath towels.

3-Drawer divider

The drawer divider is one of the most simple and effective things in organizing the house, and you can purchase many of its forms according to the sizes of the things to be kept in order and protected from cluttering, and easily access everything that is inside the drawers, for example you can put it inside the kitchen drawers, your wardrobe and your children’s wardrobe.

4-Hanging cookers in the kitchen


Rely on hanging cooking cookers instead of keeping them inside the kitchen shelves and taking up huge spaces, you can hang them on a wall and then hang the largest sizes first, then medium-sized ones, and finish with the smallest sizes.

5-Double clothes hanger

Get a number of double clothes hangers that you can buy from household goods stores located around you, and they will help you organize the clothes of your children and family members, and they will give you the possibility to hang more than one piece using the same hanger.

6-Hidden spaces

Surely your house contains some invisible spaces, hidden from the eyes, you can use them to save various scattered objects, for example the hidden spaces under the kitchen sink you can use to save cleaning tools and detergents, as well as the bathroom sink.

7-Adhesive hooks

Nothing causes clutter and spoils the decor of any home, as do the electrical wires that run through the room, so the idea of small adhesive hooks is one of the good ideas that help to hide any possible tangles by attaching the wires to the back of the furniture.

8-Old pieces of furniture

Before disposing of an old piece of furniture, think about reusing it, for example, you can use the drawers of old cabinets as boxes to store any belongings under the bed, and you can also provide them with wheels to facilitate access to them.

9-Food preservation bags

Instead of freezing food with plastic cans that take up a huge amount of refrigerator space, you can rely on airtight food preservation bags, don’t forget to label them and add their expiration date on them and then “save” them vertically to save more space.

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