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Beautiful 4 Tips & ideas to use Wood in decor


 Beautiful 4 Tips & ideas to use Wood in decor


Whether aesthetically, ecologically, or economically, wood still has a say in interior decorating. For generations, this material has brightened walls, floors, and ceilings, whatever its nature, color, and essence. Even today, it continues to bring a touch of originality in every room of the residence, thanks to its rustic and warm side. By privileging the wood for the interior of their houses, fans of charm and conviviality can only be happy.


The wood has the rating in interior decoration

In terms of interior decoration , wood rhymes perfectly with minimalism. Well known by the Scandinavian decorators, this system essentially consists of removing all the futile objects from the room, leaving only the accessories that really contribute to the well-being of the occupants.

Simple upholstery, multifunctional furniture, and noble materials, including wood, is what characterizes this technique of ornamentation of its interior.

The Scandinavian design is the middle ground between the useful and the aesthetic.By opting for wood, you will avoid radical minimalism where the interior of the house looks like labs, cold and empty.

On the contrary, this material will allow you to make your home more friendly, despite the lack of many accessories that could have been used as decoration.

In other words, the heat provided by the wood is enough to fill the atmosphere of enchantment you need, even if your furniture and your decorative items are limited in number.

Like the Feng shui theories, the goal here is to have a very harmonious interior, where quality takes precedence over quantity. You will then be able to bet on a wood with a strong character, with warm tones and a proven finesse, when choosing your furniture.

The bottom line is that you find the visual balance necessary for the room to be poorly equipped while remaining welcoming.

The wood paneling in the interior decoration

At present, paneling is at the heart of the trends in terms of wooden decoration.

Available in different colors, it adapts to any type of decoration, whether it is a modern or traditional interior.

And whether it is painted wood, raw wood, or vitrified wood, he invites himself into every room to bring a touch of innovation and give impressions of space.

Depending on its layout (vertical, oblique, or horizontal installation), wood paneling can give you the impression of gaining depth, height, or width.

Otherwise, you also have decorative paneling that applies to a single wall or two parallel walls.

Often with a printed pattern, this model is ideal for concealing imperfections, while enhancing the cozy and convivial side of the home.

If the wood paneling with warm colors (chestnut, maple, oak) is more suitable in a tiled room, the one with lighter and cooler tones (like pine) is recommended if the floor and ceiling are already in wood. massif.

In any case, since its return in force, paneling is not only valued for its insulating side (acoustically and thermally), but mainly because it has this decorative aspect that makes him a real source of authenticity for the interior of the house.

Interior wood cladding

The use of wood in interior design is not limited to the choice of furniture.

To this day, more and more households are opting for cladding, to reinforce the cordial and cozy atmosphere within their home.

In addition to its attractive design, this decorative system gives a rustic, mountain, and especially natural spirit to the room in which it is installed.

As a cladding, the wood cladding rejuvenates the appearance of the support, in addition to correcting irregularities.

If it is not affixed to a wall, it can very well adorn the ceiling to ensure an even more chic and contemporary look to the whole house.

Especially when it is blond wood, it has the ability to make the interior of a residence much more captivating.

And although it is especially prized for its ornamental aspect, it must be recognized that the cladding has irrefutable characteristics such as strength and high level of resistance, which confirm its quality. By having a cladding installed in your home, you will not only enjoy an interior embellished that will please you.

On the contrary, you will offer at the same time an ecological insulation system, and you will feel more protected against bad weather and the possible shocks that can occur daily.

The wood in interior design, a warm atmosphere at all times

Many advantages are in the spotlight as part of a wooden interior decoration.”Carbonivore” par excellence, this natural material absorbs all the carbon dioxide circulating in the room where it is located.

For this purpose, the interior atmosphere of the house is always fresh and pleasant when the wood prevails. As a massive substance, it also makes the residence more warm, unlike PVC, aluminum, or stainless steel, which are very famous for the climate of coldness they confer.

And as it is a noble and strong character, it ensures class to room, while giving it more cachet.

From an ecological point of view, the adoption of wood during a decoration project makes it possible to forget the non-respectful insulation and air-conditioning systems.

Indeed, the installation of wooden paneling or wooden cladding already makes it possible to avoid the heat losses, limiting enormously the use of the air conditioning, the radiator, and other heating devices which are harmful for health and for nature.

A wood cladding also reduces energy consumption by up to 40%, helping to lower the gas or electricity bill significantly every month.

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