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3 Tips to Beautiful luxury Interior decoration


3 Tips to Beautiful luxury Interior decoration


Luxury interior design has been increasingly lining the walls of the furniture market in recent years.Offering his interior decorator services to the client, by applying a singularly top touch to the interior design of the latter, has become a discipline in its own right, attracting more and more followers.A flourishing estate where the taste of luxury is particularly preferred in Paris, emblematic city of chic.This craze to offer a choice of furnishings at home pervades the walls of all capitals of the world, an effect more than universal fashion at present.




Embark on luxury interior design

Much more than just a fad, the art of putting on a new interior has become a trend .Having become a safe haven par excellence, housing alone is an essential point in the leisure and spending of households. As proof, ten billion euros are invested annually in decoration , whether it is the purchase of tableware, lighting, home textiles or decorative objects.

Boosted by the media through the many programs for interior design, this French passion is a strong demand for professionals in the field, more and more sought after to refresh the decor of apartments and houses.

In terms of habitat development, several disciplines combine and complement each other . The job of interior decorator includes the specialists who take care of decoration and advice such as decorating coaches, decorators and interior designers.

The interior designer usually tends to finalize the final touch of the project. What to expect then if one would like to engage in such a profession, more specifically in luxury decoration? The main task would be to work from an existing layout and change according to the customer’s desire some points such as wall coverings, color choices or furniture to obtain a more chic and harmonious.

More focused on advice , the luxury interior designer must master the harmony of the various components of the space in order to create the desired atmosphere .Numerous big name stores offer a selection of original furniture and an infinite palette of high-end materials .

Changing the distribution of space is unfortunately not his personal responsibility without calling on specialists such as interior designers, architects, design offices who alone will have the right to sign the plans.

Luxury decoration in Paris

An emblematic figure of luxury, Paris is full of enormous potential in the field of luxury decoration. From showrooms to virtual stores to TV shows, harmonious and lush styles are at their peak. And following the new real estate policy, investors from around the world are returning to the race for luxury real estate .Which gives a great boost to the market of luxury decoration in Paris.

This year for example, the Portuguese creation is implanted for the first time by opening a showcase size. Fusion of two pioneers Carlos Sereno architect and Luis Felipe Neto visual merchandiser, the concept store Enene is a showroom of high-end design products (leather goods, decoration, jewelery and fashion) in the heart of the French capital. Many of the same luxury designer boutiques make Paris famous , very convenient for those who prefer to take care of their own interior design.

The invitation to put his house in a finely-crafted atmosphere is also gaining wide circulation thanks to specialized housing programs on the small screen. In the city of Paris, an inspiring decorator , Sarah Lavoine, the sparkling wife of a famous French singer reinvents the interior decor, revamps the space by bringing a subtle touch of lust and unique.

Luxury decor  in the world’s capitals

Nothing escapes globalization, especially not the fever of luxury in interior design.

With the major brands of housing , furniture and French decoration such as House of the world (counting alone except its 260 shops in France: 30 stores in Luxembourg, 16 in Belgium, 12 in Spain, 8 in Germany and 3 in Switzerland), the formidable Dutch brand from Sweden Ikea (with locations in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Morocco, Israel) as well as Conforama and company that disperse a little everywhere, the adoration of refinement in interior design is indeed a global effect.

Driven by the breath that sweeps and reinvents the world of decoration, luxury brands also convert to the habitat and concoct new designs.

To name only Gucci, which is being revamped in the middle thanks to its new collection called “Decor” where it will soon reveal its newest. His designs, colors and patterns inspired by his fashion director’s fashion collection are repeated for inclusion in a line of tableware, accessories and furniture.

Wallpapers, candles and a range of incense, frames, armchairs and chairs are reinvented by the designer with the timeless touch of elegance of this Italian house.In addition, further east, Japan is the third largest luxury market and the leading lifestyle market. Luxury, lifestyle and refinement, these three main aspects according to experts will make the Japanese market a promising investment especially for European origin items.

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