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How to save on household expenses
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How to save on household expenses


How to save on household expenses


How to save on household expenses

How to save on household expenses ?

With the high prices we have witnessed in recent years, saving has become an urgent necessity to reconcile the budget with daily needs, if you, like many housewives, suffer from the end of the house expenses before the end of the month, what makes you wonder how to save on house expenses

Although it is not an easy task, especially in the presence of children, with a few simple steps you can reconcile the monthly requirements with the set budget, save a side amount for emergencies or occasions, and be a smart housewife and housekeeper.

In this article I offer you expert advice and some tips from my personal experience to save on a home budget.

How to save on household expenses

1- Internet package discount

If you are subscribed to a monthly internet package, you can subscribe to a less expensive one, especially if children are the ones who consume most of the package while watching videos and downloading games.

2- Reduce electricity consumption

Electricity bills are one of the things that consume a large part of the household expenses, so while reducing monthly consumption, you can save money for an emergency wallet or for other uses.try to save on the electric bill at your home in simple steps, turn off the lights in empty rooms, do not rely on the microwave mainly to heat food, use gas, gas bills are less expensive than electricity bills, use the saved lamps instead of regular ones, and remove the plug of unused appliances.

3- Use of public transport

You can save on the budget of gasoline and car maintenance expenses by using public transport, especially if you are alone without children, it facilitates movement and transportation, and you can also share your husband in his car-if there are two cars – and ask him to drive you to work, or deliver the boys to school.

4- Freezing foods for future savings

Although buying more food to store may consume this month’s budget, it will save you time, effort and money in the future, especially if you freeze foods in seasons when their prices are low, such as tomatoes and vegetables, and use them when their price rises, or at times when you want to save part of the budget for an emergency.

5- Versatile detergents

The detergent item is one of the items that consume a large part of the Home budget, so try to use versatile detergents, which you can use to clean walls and floors, get rid of fat and sterilize surfaces at the same time.

6- School meals

School meals consume a large part of the budget, and you can prepare some school meals from leftover household foods such as chicken kofta, vegetable burger, and others, it will help you save money at home.

7- Recycling

Recycling old clothes into clothes for your children, or even for you in a new form may help you save a significant amount under this high cost.

8- Event planning

Family events and gifts are one of the things that may cause a large deficit in the Home budget, so planning them in advance may help to save money at home, be sure to save an amount, albeit a small one, every month for occasions and emergencies, so as not to be surprised at the time and do not know how to act.

9- Search for offers

Offers may be a lifesaver for you at a time of financial crisis, and there are many shopping places and shops that offer offers on the occasion of the school season, mother’s day, the end of the year and others, and you can sign up with your girlfriend, neighbor or mother to buy offers and then divide their cost between you.

10- Use of saved alternatives

If you are used to using a certain type of cleansers, shampoos and others, consider trying other, less expensive alternatives, perhaps they will be of similar quality or even better for you.

11- Savings on the food item

Although it may seem difficult, especially with children, with a few simple tricks you can save a significant part of the food budget, try dividing meat by three times a week, and on the remaining days try to make a list of some saving plant foods. And don’t throw away leftovers, Cook new recipes with leftovers for the next day’s meals, or for the school lunch box.

12- Outings and holidays

If you spend a large amount on weekly outings, either to buy food, drinks or take Transportation, try instead of going out four times a month, just twice, and you can gather at home with your family members on holidays and play a group game, or watch a movie while eating saved snacks such as popcorn or hummus.

Monthly house expense schedule

This table helps to divide your budget into items according to your daily, weekly and monthly needs:

Of course, you can control the amount or percentage of each item depending on what your home and personal budget needs, but this is a general way to lay out the basics of dividing the budget, dividing the monthly salary on each item.

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