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ways to renovate your home
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10 Super economical ways to renovate your home


10 Super economical ways to renovate your home

10 Super economical ways to renovate your home.

Have you searched eagerly in decoration magazines and internet sites for simple ideas to renewal your house decor, and at the same time you were struck by the high prices or the difficulty of implementation and the unavailability of the required budget….
Today I share with you Some of them.

1- Create a movement

You can add a change to one of the walls of your house
Like hanging an abstract art painting, some colors make the difference
If you are skilled in using the brush, put your artistic touch or print from the internet the size you like or you can buy one if the budget allows it..

2-The use of plants

You can buy a small tree or any plant you like, and put it in one of the corners or sides of the house where you always sit, and you can also decorate the place around it with lighting if you want.

3-Protect your furniture

if you have a pet at home or have children, you can buy a protective patterned fabric and wear it for furniture to keep it clean and at the same time give a distinctive look to the furniture as if it were new.

4-Dark colors

you can select the color of the wall of the house in a dark color such as , Gray and brown, to become a frame for the painting. Dark colors are very fashionable this year.

5-Moving the corner

you can move your furniture from one corner to another, while also changing the placement of carpets, it will change the look of the rooms of the house and make you feel good.

6-Art Gallery

you can buy some frames, choose suitable places to hang them, put your family photos in them, and so renew the decor of your home with fun frames.


if you want to give an atmosphere of romance or shade at home, you can do this by placing classic or Oriental lampshades in one of the corners of the house with a suitable tablecloth and so when illuminated they give you a wonderful look and shadows in the corner of the House.

8-Dolls and curtains

your children’s room also has a share of renovation, make a special decor for dolls and colorful stickers or change the curtains of the room to give it a new spirit.


Set a specific budget for some changes at home, for example, buy new door handles, a new mirror for the bathroom, some small colorful walkers, a thin curtain for your bedroom, change the color of the lighting at home and make sure that it will give a completely different look to the furniture.

10-Racking mattresses

You can reconsider the color of the library shelves, for example, or the TV table.. And so, and recolor it again, or use special colored tablecloths for those places.

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