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How to Decorate a beautiful home in the Farmhouse Style


How to Decorate a home in the Farmhouse Style

How to Decorate a beautiful home 

Farmhouse style decorating eschews modern sensibilities; it goes back to an easier time. That said, farmhouse style is surprisingly savvy.

to stay a farmhouse from looking too “country kitsch” there must be a balance of old and new.

It should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. And most significantly it must be in tune with nature not filled with dried flowers and rooster paraphernalia. Here are some tips and concepts for decorating in farmhouse style.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse decorating may be a style that’s warm, cozy, relaxing, and filled with charm and character while being organized around a central notion of practicality.

Practicality Rules

Originally, farmhouses were decorated with whatever was handy and practical.

lately more thought tends to travel into decorating in farmhouse style, but practicality remains a crucial factor. Nothing should be too delicate or precious. Instead, items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and elegance .

Also, a home decorated during this style should contains hand-me-downs and marketplace finds combined with newer pieces.

as an example ,

an old harvest table and Shaker cabinets combine beautifully with chrome steel appliances and modern lighting fixtures during a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouses should appear as if they’ve evolved over time: Matchy-matchy may be a no-no. Your furniture shouldn’t appear as if it could have all been bought at an equivalent store. That’s to not say that you simply can’t buy a couple of pieces at an enormous box store.

as an example , an Ikea Ektorp sofa can fit the design perfectly—just do not buy all the matching pieces. Pair it with some vintage chairs you’ve had reupholstered. Pieces should come from everywhere the place. Styles and materials are often all mixed up; that’s a part of the charm.

Farmhouse style shouldn’t look too calculated either. as an example , craft show items and reproduction nostalgia designed to seem “country” are often fun if it’s only one or two items but put too many of them during a room and it’ll instantly look corny. Instead, inspect flea markets and antique shows for items with real nostalgic value. Find an old bar cart to display some books or accessories.

An antique armoire makes an excellent wardrobe or pantry for your kitchen. Vintage apple-picking ladders are great for hanging quilts or tea towels. Add some real vintage pieces and you will create instant character.

Take your time:

Perhaps the foremost important thing to recollect when decorating in farmhouse style is ‘don’t rush.’

Charm and character cannot be bought during a day.

do not buy only for the sake of shopping for , but instead peruse, meander, and collect. Decorate with things that have meaning, whether they’re fresh or decades old.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas


Here are some elements of decor and decorating ideas which will assist you achieve an excellent farmhouse style:

Barn board:

Using reclaimed barn board may be a good way to feature some history and country character to a home. It are often used on floors, walls, like furniture, as shelving—the list goes on.
Exposed wood beams:

Like barn board, exposed wood beams keep a component of nature in your home and add some great architectural detail.

If you’ve ’em consider yourself lucky, and if you do not consider installing some.

Butcher block: butcher board counters are great in farmhouse kitchens because they keep the design relaxed.

they need an excellent rustic quality and can stay in fine condition as long as you treat them regularly. If a kitchen filled with butcher board doesn’t feel practical for your home, consider just the kitchen island.
Apron sinks: a no brainer for country kitchens, apron sinks practically scream farmhouse. Mix them with some shaker-style cabinets and you’re guaranteed a farmhouse look.

Vintage furniture: you will not necessarily want to fill your entire house with vintage furniture, but you ought to definitely have some.

Pair your new sofa with vintage side chairs and tables; a vintage chest looks great when paired with a replacement bed; vintage lamps that are rewired lend character to rooms of all kindsthe point is to combine and match and convey some history into your home.



Casual and practical, slipcovers can help lend a relaxed and soft feeling to an area .

they are not necessarily cheaper than reupholstering pieces, but the advantage is that you simply can take them off and wash them whenever you would like .

you’ll also put slipcovers on wood dining chairs to make a soft New Look .
Wicker and rattan: a touch of those materials can go an extended way.

\Some wicker baskets or a rattan chair connect with the outside and helps create a rustic feel.

believe including a bit or two in your space.

Weathered finishes: Rough wood and peeling paint can do wonders in creating a farmhouse look.

That’s to not say things should be completely dilapidated, but you do not want things to seem too shiny and new.

home in the Farmhouse Style

The Question of Kitsch

It’s very easy for country styles to seem kitschy.

Sunflower paintings, wallpaper covered in fruit, barnyard animals as a motif—these are all things which will make a country-style home look corny.

it is often important to embellish with what you’re keen on , but know that this stuff will take you faraway from farmhouse style and take you into country kitsch.